You're Already Great! Here's how to become a star.

If you're willing to put in the effort, here are some things you can learn and use to become a star!

     If you're struggling to make it in the entertainment industry, know that you already have everything you need. The key is knowing where to start - read on for 3 tips on how to take your music from a hobby into a lucrative career!

1) Marketing  -  As an artist you work hard to get noticed for all the hard work you put into your music. You're a star in your own right but now it's time to take that leap to being an industry leader and marketing is the first step. Luckily for us all we live in the best time in history to market yourself. With the internet there are plenty of platforms at our fingertips where artists can post their music and gain fans without having any experience or money.

Marketing today is about the content you create. The content you create is not only how your fanbase will find you but also how the internet will find you!  Marketing isn't just in your music.  Marketing is in your name -  have you established your .com or domain name? Click here to see if your name available. Do all your social media handles match?  Can people easily find you online if they hear about you? Marketing is in your story - people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it.  What's your why and why should anyone care?  And lastly marketing is about being 100% yourself.  Do you have more than one talent?  Most people do.  Don't be afraid to put all your talents out there. The days of waiting around on someone else who doesn't care about your success as much as you do are over. 

2) Networking - The internet and social media is more than just posting videos and getting likes.  It's also about networking, online and off.  This may seem like a no brainer to some but you'd be surpised to see all the miss opportunites that artist don't take advantage of because they only post content online and sit behind a computer or a phone all day.  Why not get involved in social media networks and groups that are related to what you want to do. Attend events where there will be a lot of music industry professionals and let them get the chance to see you in person.  This could be your perfect opportunity to say hello when you see someone who could help you out, or ask for advice from someone who has more experience than you do.

Networking isn't just about meeting people it's also about the follow up.  Keep track of all emails and phone numbers so that if one contact doesn't work out, there is always another waiting for a chance at success!

And last but not least.

3) Developing your craft - If it's two things that history has taught us all is a) there is always room for quality and b) good news travels fast.  As long as you continue to improve and develop your skills as an artist there will always be an audience that wants to experience it.  Also, chances are that the better you are at your craft the less you have to look for people, people will look for you!  Study artists and musicians that you look up to and see how they crafted their career path and add some of their lessons to your repertoire. 

A great artist is like a great athlete, theres always a team and fanbase waiting to rally around them.  Why?  Because people love to be associated with quality.  This is the reason people promote luxuary brands and their favorite artist...for free!  Develop your craft and the people will do the same for you. 

Finally, success comes with hard work and dedication; it doesn't happen overnight. Stay committed to your dreams and never give up, you can do anything!! :)

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