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Mental House - Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang [Official Audio Video]

Published on 19 Jun 2021 / In Producers

Mental House - Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang [Official Audio Video]

This is a punk song I made about a woman that wants to see me dead, She hates my guts and thinks me the devil. She enjoys watching people suffer, She hates my laugh and hates it when I smile, She has brought me much pain and her only goal in life right now is to ensure my demise. Overall, This a metaphoric representation of how much this person hates me, and how she essentially killed everything I was with the unjust power of manipulation, brainwash, a fat egotistical vagina, an undeserving badge, and permission to hold a gun, as well as a lying state of performance that is her wicked agenda.

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About The Artist:
(My name is Maison Haffie/Mental House, I am the sole owner and CEO of MentalHouse Records. I am a self-proclaimed social-media influencer, audio/visual production artist, singing-songwriter, performer, and business owner.
I have been producing music and social media content for myself and others for almost a decade now.)

[Intro/Verse 1]
Pray to the killa that took my life,
She pulled the trigger like goodbye,
Took apart the time to rip apart my mind,
To find the enemy that lies benign

Bang, Bang with a golden bullet did they shoot me down.
Bang, Bang, Like a criminal with a death sentence now,
Bang, Bang, With a golden bullet, did they shoot me down.
Bang Bang rob me from the very life I live, Now.

[Verse 2]
Give, Take, Were the blame,
Day, Night, Live your life,
Give, Take, All the blame,
Day, Night, Die inside x2


[Verse 3]
Take me down, Take me down,
Watch my body hit the ground,
Take me out, Take me out,
Watch my body hit the ground,


[Verse 4]
Sick mind,
She lied about the high,
Took a broken man,
I heard in my fan.
Twisted all my words,
A voodoo hoodoo curse
Dumb ass with a gun,
The demon out for blood,

[Verse 5]
Called me every name,
Won’t take any blame,
Likes to cause me pain,
And play with my brain,
Hate is in her veins,
Refuses to change
Thinks my life a game,
She wants me in a grave.

(Yay, Yay, Yay, Yeeaah haha)

[intro/Verse 1] - [Chorus] - [Verse 2] x2


[Verse 3]


[Verse 4] - [Verse 5]

(Ya, Ya, Ya, Yeeeaaaah haha)
Bang, Bang, Bang,
Bang, Bang, Bang
(Mmmhhmaaahhh hahahaha)
I’m gonna die. (END OF LYRICS)
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"I live not to be defined by society, But to define who I am in society." -Maison Haffie

"My purpose in life, Is to give my life purpose." -Maison Haffie

"Nothing is more punk rock than being your best self, fighting for your dreams, and a well-fed brain!" -Maison Haffie

Music produced by Maison Haffie/MentalHouse Records
Cover art produced by Maison Haffie
Video produced by Maison Haffie/MentalHouse Records
Lyrics are written by Maison Haffie
Created by Maison Haffie/MentalHouse Records

© Maison Haffie Sole Owner of MentalHouse Records and MaiMaiProductions

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