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Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In Rappers

A short film brought to you in part by MUTILATED FLE$H / New England Boy Films.

IG : instagram.com/mutilatedflesh
Twitter : twitter.com/mutilatedflesh
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/5MtBM...
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/mutilatedflesh

Produced by TRVRXLIES

Filmed / Directed by New England Boy


Im a Pariah
Im an outsider
I have been shunned, discarded and exiled
I am a fighter
Im a survivor
I always triumph
I wont expire
The day that I die is the day I retire
They try but they cannot extinguish the fire
Im a concoction of all of my idols
They hate I am someone the children admire

Bitch Im a Pariah
The chief of my tribe
If they said they knocked me off my throne then they lyin
And Im harder than tryna remember your name when you got a bad case of Alzheimers
Theres not a single new rapper I fear
The game is just sad Im just holdin back tears
I gotta be deaf or something cause I know they talkin shit but its only crickets I hear
2020 I got 20 20 vision I could never see more clear
Fuck with my brothers Ill put a new whole in your head the size of the ones in my ears
Every mistake that I made every loss that I take every lesson I learned got me here (BITCH IM BALLIN)
The feds on my ass the trunk full of contraband my foot on the gas you can hear it
I jut been runnin and runnin and runnin it up Im just kickin it up a new gear
All of this progress I made in some months dont be mad when Im smashing the game in some years
Someone tell yo favorite rapper FIND HIM
Put a couple milli on the table Im signing
Rockin all black 365 like Hov
I got drip and I dont need designer
Baddie throwin it back back back like rewind Elton John playing on vinyl
In the cut gettin fucked up fuckin it up
And I aint done drugs in a while
These niggas buggin think they fuckin with me
Frontin like the 8 piece on my teeth
Nothin holdin me back fro dreams
Bussin the pockets of my favorite jeans
The money been pilin its pleasant (YUP)
Im stackin my bread bitch Im steppin (UP)
I hope when I die that I have e (NOUGH)
To build me my stairway to heaven (FUCK)
Anybody tryna knock me off my grizzy
I been doing shows in multiple cities
and every city that I got to
I got a few bitches who just wanna bare all my children
Bitch Im a dog, wolf, Balto
Shootin for the stars all year, full auto
Speedin to the money how I make a new car go
Hit Venmo if you want me on your song though
Get in that ass like a hoes lace thong yo
I just wanna get topped off keep it on hoe
Fuck the world till It come from a long stroke
You aint fuckin wit me cause we all know
Im a Pariah

A fighter
I triumph wont expire
I die when I retire
Try but cant put out my fires
I am all my idols
Hate I am who they admire

I move like I got something to prove
I got nothing yet got everything to lose
Niggas fake as fuck its nothin new
Baby can you look me in my eyes and tell the truth

You dont know hardship
Since a youngin I been guarded
Fuck is a father
I was the man of the house before I was out of a diaper
All of my life I had a chip up on my shoulder
Hungry for greatness Im starving
Get to the profit
Dont give a fuck who doesnt acknowledge
Fuck all my opps
Its eye to eye, eye for an eye Imma pop em
Spit on his carcass
When my cigar lit
End up in space with the martians
Shit, Im getting off topic
My shit would sellout Hot Topic
Im a hot topic
Diss me I will fuckin rock you
Dont gimme reasons to pull this AR out the closet
Everyone knows Im a monster
Perfect on every song bitch uh
I tried to love a whore, guess I was wrong
I try to rid the darkness from my heart
But my demons been riding with me all along
Redemption and vengeance two peas in a pod
Im coming for mines ready or not
Ready to die on the spot
Me, my pain, my pride, my money and God

A fighter
I triumph wont expire
I die when I retire
Try but cant put out my fires
I am all my idols
Hate I am who they admire

I love you FLE$H. (;

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Justine Wavvvy
Justine Wavvvy 1 year ago


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OnTopEnt 1 year ago

Dope track…and visuals

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