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When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne | Cover by Shreya Nagesh | ShreZam!

Published on 28 Jun 2021 / In Music

Hello Friends,
Check out my new video on When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne | Cover by Shreya Nagesh | ShreZam!

A sincere effort dedicated to ALL our loved ones this Thanksgiving! :)
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When You're Gone is originally composed and sung by my childhood favorite - Avril Lavigne!
I absolutely love the lyrics of this song and I solely dedicate this video cover to my love - Ankith Raj, for our first year Engagement Anniversary!

In this video, I tried to bring together my love for instruments (here, Acoustic guitar and Keyboard) and my passion for singing. This piece is put together with a lot of hard work by the entire team. A huge shoutout to them for helping me turn dreams to reality. Hope you all enjoy this as much as we did! :)

Cover Credits:
Vocals, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar: Shreya Nagesh
Concept & Direction: Shreya Nagesh
Programming & Arrangement: Hemanth Jois
Audio Engineering: Adarsh Iyengar & Chethan Naik
Recording: SriKrishna Recording Studio, Bentonville, AR, USA
Videography & Editing: Rohit Masand
Mixing & Mastering: Adhiraj Singh
Special Thanks: Akash Dollar, Theresa Layne & Suraj Nataraja
Connect with me:
Facebook: Shreya Nagesh
Instagram: crazymiss_san
Twitter: ShreZam
Originally performed by Avril Lavigne:
Avril Lavigne's Official Website: https://avrillavigne.com
No copyright infringement. All rights belong to the respective owner. This music video is only for entertainment and education purposes.

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